Monday, February 13, 2012


Epworth-Euclid Church
Bertram Goodhue with Walker & Weeks, c. 1928
§ Every place in the world is unique culturally, historically, and climatically.  Its architecture and  urbanism should support, protect, and reflect these qualities.
§ Our cities should be environmentally sustainable.
§ A neighborhood should have vitality, stability, and should encourage a sense of community.
§ Neighborhoods should be diverse in all aspects, including age, race, and economic level.
§ The structure of a city should help foster the realization of social and economic justice in a society.
§ The structure of a city should encourage the maintenance of physical health by its inhabitants.
§The form of a city should foster independence for all, including children, the disabled, the aged, and those of less means.
§ Public institutions, such as schools, churches, and libraries, are centers of neighborhood life.
§ Streets and public spaces within the urban fabric are the physical manifestation of the spirit of the community.

(Thank you to Professor Oscar Machado of the University of Miami for requiring that his students articulate their ideals in writing.)

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